Azure Devops – Self Hosted Agent Service Won’t Start – Incorrect Function

I setup a self hosted agent for Azure Devops this morning on Server 2012 R2 (legacy Visual Studio dependencies…) and found that I was unable to start the service. The error I received was “Error 1 Incorrect Function” when attempting … continue

Exam AZ-303: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies Study Guide

I recently passed the AZ-303 exam. Below are some of the resources I used to prepare for the exam. In addition to the links below, I also used Alan Rodrigues’ course on Udemy.

The Udemy course and Microsoft Docs continue

Azure AD Sync – Set-MsolDirSyncEnabled : You cannot turn off Active Directory synchronization.

 I recently ran into a situation in my lab environment that required I resync all (2000+) user accounts to Azure AD. Though this sounds complex and daunting, its actually quite simple. T

he basic steps involve disabling sync, and then … continue

Azure Policy – Allowed Locations for Resource Deployment


Azure Policy allows us to control what actions users can perform regarding creating and managing resources in Azure. We can define policies for naming standards, require that certain extensions be installed on virtual machines, audit various resources for certain … continue

Azure Site Recovery – VMware-to-Azure: Wrong IP address discovered for VM

When replicating virtual machines from VMware to Azure using Site Recovery, you may encounter an issue where the Configuration server discovers the wrong IP address for a VM. This can be caused by stale entries within the infrastructurevms MySQL table … continue