Azure AD Sync – Unable to Update this Object – Values Associated with Another Object

ERROR MESSAGE:<> Unable to update this object because the following attributes associated with this object have values that may already be associated with another object in your local directory services: [UserPrincipalName<>;]. Correct or remove the duplicate values in your local directory. Please refer to for more information on identifying objects with duplicate…

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Expand a VHD/VHDX with Powershell

In the spirit of the “GUI-less” future that Microsoft and other vendors are pushing, I recently removed the GUI from all of our Hyper-V hosts. Now, I know I’m a bit late to the party on this one. I’ve been cleaning up a lot of things left over from past generations of IT guys, and…

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Error When Reinstalling DirSync

Today is just not my day! After a failed attempt at installing/configuring DirSync, I removed it and tried to install and configure again. This time did not prove any more successful. I was getting this error midway through the install process: I was able to figure this out after a little while and wanted to…

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Failed to Mount Exchange 2010 Database

Recently, one of my users’ came to me and said he was missing two months worth of email. This was just after migrating to Exchange Online. We were using Exchange 2010 with System Center DPM for backups. I restored the database that the users’ mailbox was on from a backup then copied it over to…

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Powershell: SID to Username

#Returns a username based on a SID#Author: Ryan Nemeth#Date: 12/2/2014 $SID = read-host “Please enter the SID: “$object = New-Object System.Security.Principal.SecurityIdentifier($SID)$User = $object.Translate( [System.Security.Principal.NTAccount])write-host “The user is: ” $User.Value