How to Permanently Remove Office 365 Users

After deleting a user in Office 365, their account is moved to a ‘recycle bin’ for 30 days. This allows the user account to be easily recovered. This can often cause issues when attempting to recreate a mailbox while a hybrid configuration is in place. To permanently delete the user within Office 365, first delete…

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Azure AD Sync – Unable to Update this Object – Values Associated with Another Object

ERROR MESSAGE:<> Unable to update this object because the following attributes associated with this object have values that may already be associated with another object in your local directory services: [UserPrincipalName<>;]. Correct or remove the duplicate values in your local directory. Please refer to for more information on identifying objects with duplicate…

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Office 365 Knowledge Base Library

Browsing Technet for instructional or troubleshooting articles can often be a task in itself. Here is a direct link to the Office 365 Knowledge Base Library on Technet: Office 365 Knowledge Base Library This is a pretty clear method of finding the information you need when working with Office 365.

Azure AD Connect Password Sync – Disabled and Grayed Out

Ran into a problem earlier with the new Azure AD Connect Wizard. We had configured the wizard and synced around 500 AD accounts. However, password sync was not working. I opened the wizard to confirm the configuration and found that “Password Hash Synchronization” was disabled. It was greyed out and could not be enabled. I…

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MSOnlineExtended Powershell Module

Something weird happened to me earlier. I was working on my O365 tenant with Powershell, and couldn’t remember the exact verbiage of a cmdlet that I needed. So, I did what any good sys admin would do; consulted the help! After clearing my Powershell console of many, angry looking red and yellow words (Powershell didn’t…

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Error When Reinstalling DirSync

Today is just not my day! After a failed attempt at installing/configuring DirSync, I removed it and tried to install and configure again. This time did not prove any more successful. I was getting this error midway through the install process: I was able to figure this out after a little while and wanted to…

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